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Dior debuted its new “D-Murrine” collection, inspired by the colourful work of artist Niki De Saint Phalle.


This Spring/Summer 2018 collection features colourfully beaded glass motifs on necklaces, rings, and earrings. Handmade on the island of Murano in Italy, the glass features are accompanied by small embellishments including a bee, the figure eight, a clover and a star; all made in Germany by the same atelier that Christian Dior first chose to produce his costume Jewelery.



“D-Murrine” is a playful collection, bright but refined, capturing the light of the ultimate Dior girl.

Source: Whitewall

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The SS18 collection, modelled by Gigi herself, naturally, is all about speed. It's inspired by Tommy's penchant for motorsports and Gigi's fast-paced lifestyle.


It's super sporty with red, white, and blue oversized pieces contrasted with super-skinny designs for a strong and confident new take on race-track style.


The collection not only consists of jackets, blazer, ankle boots, mini skirt, tight pants, blouse and jeans, but also accessories such as gloves, hats, bags and watches.



Source: Glamour 

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Originated from Gdańsk, Poland, ATOMY comes from the word “Atom”, is essential components of matter, which combine to form various molecules. In terms of brand ATOMY are leather modules, which were designed in order to assemble them together and play with them. Every product can operate individually and also by forming groups matched or transformed into a completely new project, depending on the vision.



The brand does not produce waste. All the products are hand-sewn and are designed in the most ergonomic way. Any smallest patch of skin that remains after cutting material is being used to create smaller accessories.



Source: ATOMY

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New York-based jewellery designer Artur Dabrowski, blends his architectural know-how into jewellery aesthetics, creating series of one-of-a-kind rabbit-motif jewellery.


“I love making beautiful objects, at all scales of design. ‘Depth’ moves me. I find it enriches the design and engages people. I play with depth in shadow lines, depth of field, composition as well as in meaning like details and storytelling. Although I am expanding the line with more architectural pieces, I use rabbits as characters in this open-ended story,” Artur said.



Artur started drawing rabbits in the margins of my notebooks during high school. He would personify rabbits to express thoughts, situations or feelings he was having. The imagery of the rabbit being personified is playful — the rabbit is cute, hops around, eats, multiplies… and lives naively in this world. Rabbits were the vessel through which he felt comfortable expressing himself. I have notebooks filled with drawings of rabbits, each telling their own story.



Source: Multiply like Rabbits

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Since launching in 2005, Stockholm-based jewellery brand Cornelia Webb has established itself on the international luxury market, creating seductive garments and accessories with a true Scandinavian tone.


As a former medical student, Cornelia quickly found the body to be her canvas of choice, sketching designs directly on her skin instead of on paper. Cornelia Webb emphasizes craftsmanship, timelessness and environmental consciousness in her work. Cornelia chooses to reinvent design rather than constantly produce new items. A product’s life cycle replaces its life span. Recycled metal and found nature findings are reused, so they can continue their cycle as re-imagined objects which bear the energy of both the present and the past. Tapping into the conservation trend, as Cornelia Webb’s jewellery is carving out a new definition of luxury, refined craft.


Today Cornelia splits her time between her studio in the heart of Södermalm in Stockholm and Bali.


Source: Cornelia Webb

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