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Recently, American Artist Trouble Andrew is invited by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele to collaborate on a special jewellery project, by incorporating his fun and artistic touch into Gucci’s designs.


The final product is a mix of two cultures—a juxtaposition of the past and the present, with the slogan of “Real Gucci” or the “skull” motif as the main theme of this jewellery collection.



 Introducing a collection of charms in sterling silver, featuring in the motifs of ghost, stars, rainbow, skull, brand logo etc, each of them is coated with coloured enamel.



Source: Popbee & Gucci

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The Taiwan-based jewellery designer blends her discerning aesthetic with her polished metalsmith craftsmanship, creating ranges of refined statement jewellery.

Q: How did you become a jewellery designer?

A: I was always drawn to fashion from when I was young. My passion for art and design led me to pursue a degree in fashion design at Parsons The New School for Design in New York, while my accessories-related experience cultivated a desire to develop a deeper insight into the world of jewellery and ultimately to start my journey as a jewellery designer.


Q: In what ways are your designs and style unconventional?

A: Pearl has been perceived as defining sophistication and modesty. I want to convey this while redefining traditional styles of pearl accessories. By giving the design a little twist by adding some geometric shapes and lines, I hope wearers will find the pieces not only elegant, but also fun and versatile. That is also my own way of retranslating the definition of “New Romance”.


Q: From where do you draw your inspiration?

A: I take a lot of aesthetic cues from art. My favourite muse is Gustav Klimt. His choice of colour and use of symbolism help define what I perceive to be modern and romantic. I will also include elements from modern furniture and architecture in terms of their crisp and sharp outlines and the mixtures of materials. These are just fascinating!


Q: How do you incorporate your aesthetic to keep your pieces modern and chic?

A: I want to keep my designs simple and timeless, avoiding all ornamentation. Therefore, my design approach focuses mainly on the graceful pearl itself and its interaction with the geometric lines and forms. Our goal is to encourage individual expression by allowing the wearer to mix and match the jewellery in her own unique way so as to reflect and amplify the brand’s glamour and true beauty.


Q: What kinds of materials do you apply in your fashion jewellery?

A: 18-karat gold-plated brass, Swarovski crystal and freshwater pearl.


Q: What are the difficulties in the process of creation and how do you tackle them?

A: Most of our designs are simple lines with squares. Therefore, our design relies heavily on artistic skills from exquisite craftsmanship. In order to make the finished product clean and shiny, delicate polishing is extremely crucial. Unless everything is thoroughly cleaned we cannot apply any chemical finishes such as plating. Therefore, our production time is slightly longer than that of others since each piece is hand-finished just for our customers.


Q: Which is your favourite or most elaborate piece?

A: I would say the Josette earring set from the Cosmos collection. This piece is a combination of six geometric shapes. Each can be worn separately. Most importantly, five of them are non-pierced earrings. You can wear two on one ear and another three on the other, or anyway you like, depending on your look. Just the way you wear them is a really fun process.


Q: Can you tell us your production procedure?

A: We start from wax carving to sculpturing the model. Once the model is made, we place the wax on the casting tree for the casting. During the casting process, the wax burns out, making an inverse mould. We then pour molten metal into the cavity. After that, we take the final casting form for filing and polishing before applying plating.



Q: What is your latest collection like?

A: The last collection is called The New Fluidity. Literally like the name, the design process explores the nature of sleek organic lines.



Q: What is the price range of your products in US dollars?

A: The price range is US$58 to US$200.



Q: Any plans for the future?

A: We are currently planning to expand our retail store locations over the next two years.

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The trend of belts seems paying a tribute to the 80s.


          Miss Selfridge                                                                                                       ASOS

We can see the silhouette of the nipped-in, wasp waist, chunky, or sparkly buckles on the runway shows, coming in all shapes and sizes.


                       Gucci                             Roksanda at Matches Fashion                   Marks & Spencer

Be they in whatever styles, they work well with everything from silky slips, maxi dresses to boxy blazers and oversized coats. A top tip from the catwalks is: the bigger the coat, the smaller the belt. 


                      Maje                            Magda Butrym at Net-a-Porter                     Margaret Howell


Source: Glamour Magazine 

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The brand is launching its bold and glamorous collection earlier, undoubtedly, floral patterns, all black suit and bling bling headpieces are the main staples, not to miss is some extra sunglasses, including “fingers” sunglasses, alphabet motif-sunglasses featured in “D” and “G”, poker card sunglasses. Each quirky pair goes surprisingly well with their classic extravagant neckwear and earrings. 





Source: Popbee

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Statement earrings are making a comeback in the upcoming season. They are versatile in style, can be worn as a single earrings or together; be they metal or fabric tassel designs, all appear perfect to wear with a shirt, suit or tee, for day or evening occasion. Bigger, seems always better.


              Mumpish Earrings                         Jam + Rico  Earrings                          Levens Circle Earrings


  Anita Berisha Blossom Earrings         We Who Prey Hoop Earrings      The Blossom Bohemian Earrings


                                NA Jewellery Chic Chic Earrings          Sanktoleono Josephine Earrings


Source: Glamour Magazine

Photo Credit: Refinery 29

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