Fashion Folio
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Fashion Folio

INDIA - New Delhi
Fashion Jewellery , Bead jewellery
Importer / Exporter, Manufacturer
Fashion Folio is one of the leading companies in fashion bags and accessories scarves, costume art fashion jewellery. Fashion Folio deals in over 35 countries worldwide catering to world's leading group of stores, wholesalers and retail outlets and designers thus cultivating great success together with its suppliers and customers of all over world.
The company is family owned and recently new generation has joined with technical from the best fashion institutes , National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi and Central Leather Research Institute in Chennai and Ars Arpel school in Milan , Italy.
Our exclusivity in respect of our ethnic designing craftsmanship keeps us apart from other competitors in respect of price terms , quality, and delivery .
Fashion Folio recently won the APLF award in Hongkong of Asia Pacific Leather fair (APLF) for the Best Handicrafted Collection in the month of March 2013.