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Let’s celebrate the year 2019 with a natural found and dynamic hue – Living Coral.

Newly introduced by Pantone as the Colour of the Year, Living Coral is vibrant, yet mellow, representing the thoughts toward human engagement between a fusion of modern life and the entire changing environment. It is diversified, but energetic, impressive and delighted.

Trust that this sweet yet fierce peachy colour will wow fashion or beauty markets with great impacts.

Like Prada, an oversized coral-shaded female jacket was debuted in their Milan show. The model was styled up contrasting with a cool black leather handbag and a bold black headband studded with punk glams, adding a touch of excitement to the unadorned look. 

The colour is suited not only for styling a summery look easily, but also you can wear it on eyes, lips or cheeks perfectly. Take supermodel Sara Sampaio as an example.

Living Coral shares a vividness perception, but yet an ambience of glamor. Brandon Maxwell demonstrated how it work in the September New York show by using an eye-catching fiery coral hue in his tailored outfits, and putting on a shining golden twisted belt as an accent.

Apart from these, coral offers a gentle vibes for one’s look as well. As presented by Elisabetta Franchi, she shaded the coral-inspired tulle skirts and coats softly with gradual colours in her runway show, featuring with belts, beltbags and earrings altogether in similar colour tone to mix and match.

In 2019, we expect seeing fashion and accessory industries to use a wider range of Living Coral continually, from peachy to orangey hues generated a warm-shaded undertone, in the upcoming seasons.


Source: Pantone & DNA Web Team

Photo Courtesy: Prada, Sara Sampaio, Brandon Maxwell, Elisabetta Franchi

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Let's get amazed with the Spring/Summer 2019 hair accessories! For this brand new season, designers and hair stylists are not afraid to play it loud and bold. Hair accessories like big headbands, big tiaras, colourful scarves, ribbons, bows and big flowers will all come into play.

Echoing the trends and motifs shown on the brands’ runways, the Spring/Summer 2019 will see plenty bohemian, princess and girlish designs.

#1. Flowers

With the spring drawing near, we see plenty various puffy flowers tuck in the hair, adding romantic and extravagant flair to the total look. See Rodarte, Dolce & Gabbana as examples. Not only roses piled atop the head, Dolce & Gabbana offers another whimsical idea of mixing big roses with a soup can on head.

#2. Princess Tiaras

We will see how designers take tiaras to another splendid level from wedding crown to a wearable artwork piece. For example, the tiaras of Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci look opulent and regal, while Rick Owens one gives an architectural yet minimalist twist on the tiara trend.

#3. Hair Scarves

Scarves are largely used on the runways this season, bringing a bohemian or travel-inspired vibe to the catwalks, lively vivid. An interesting found is how stylists use scarf to wrap around models’ heads, making wanderlust theme even more stand out, see Alexander Wang as example. The headscarves at Dolce & Gabbana are wrapped around the head and tied at the front, just above the bangs, shows another romantic rockabilly vibe.

#4. Bows and Ribbons

Ribbons and bows add cuteness and girlishness to the look, while still keeping the sense of sophistication. The little black bows and ribbons are commonly seen, yet elegant and edgy. Why not start using bows and ribbons to decor your hair and spice up your season?

#5. Lace Hair Accessories

Romantic yet versatile, lace is the best material to show demure femininity. For Marc Jacobs, stylist uses white lace to wrap around the ponytail and turn it into a flower-like knot, with some of the lace covering the face to leave the sense of seductive mystery.

#6. Fashion Headbands

This season, headbands will change your perception from sporty youthful one to fashion-forward or grungy punk. See Prada’s and Saint Laurent’s as example, both look 70s-inspired but injected with a grungy punk glam with studs. Another highlight is Simone Rocha’s, decorated with colourful beads and feather, it is full of texture and dynamics.

#7. Sporty Headbands

Athleisure is an emerging theme in the upcoming season. We’ll see plenty sporty headbands mixing and matching with the outfit, practical, functional and trend-setting. Look at Christian Dior and Fila ones.

#8. Hairpin-Earring Combo

An interesting hair accessory trend that blurred the line between jewellery and hair accessories is glamorously about the hairpin earring two-in-one combo. At Zimmermann, this accessory consists of a golden bird-motif hair clip, which is attached by strings of hook earrings, adding motion to the whole piece. Similar effect is on flowers-motif from Versace.

#9. Bobby Pins

This season, bobby pins are meant to be shown and stacked to create unique geometric shapes or patterns to the hair, artistically edgy and chic.

#10. Wrapped Around a Ponytail

Many whimsical materials come to wrap around the ponytail, like leather, plastic, adding creative texture, ambience and touch to the hair. To go well with this style, ponytail can be set in braids, or twisted hair buns.

#11. Extraordinary Hair Clips & Barrettes

Not-to-miss also includes the oversized hair clips and barrettes, such as ones made of feathers as spotted at Dries Van Noten or plastic wires like the minimalist design by Alberto Zambelli.


Source: Glowsly (Maya Adivi)

Photo Courtesy: Livingly, Vogue, Glowsly

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Pearls are many things: demure, elegant and understated. Their sophisticated reputation means that, over time, pearl earrings have become more synonymous with vintage fashion icons, like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, than modern-day cool girls. 


Now pearls are being redefined, with less of an appetite for uniformly rounded stones and more of a shift towards pearls that are rough-around-the-edges, like ancient relics plucked from the ocean floor. Think: irregular shaped stones dangling from antique gold hoops, or mismatched gems nestled in jagged oyster shells.



Source: Elle Australia

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This season, one of the major trends is the resurgence of the '80s. See the market is obsessed with the return of '80s-inspired statement earrings. 


When it comes to '80s earrings, the 2018 version is honestly no different than the 1980 version, with retro shapes, multiple colours, and enamel accents. Back then, they used to have to wear loud earrings because their hair was so big. Now we just wear them to be different and forward.



Source: Who What Wear 

Photo Courtesy: Zara

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To celebrate Sonia Rykiel’s 50th anniversary, Artistic Director, Julie de Libran launches a collection of ‘Pavé Parisien (cobblestone)’, paying tribute to the famous 1968 student revolts against the status quo.


The collection of cross-shoulder bag comes in eight different colours including white, poppy red, sunflower yellow, navy blue, olive green, black and brown. It comes with a detachable self-strap and a multi-colored strap. The inside compartment is designed for maximum function with a mirror, secret pockets and a logo key holder.




Source: El Corteingles

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